Track deals

LOCUSD CRM allows you to track in one place at which stage of the sales funnel a certain deal is, who is the owner, who is assigned contacts and other parameters. Through the CRM system, you can test sales strategies and develop new sales schemes.

At the same time, you can monitor the chances of a potential client becoming a customer. Through LOCUSD CRM, you add products or services, documents, meeting notes, assign tasks to team members and communicate with potential clients to every business opportunity.

A catalogue of all of properties

Improve the organization of the sales team and the preparation of quality offers for buyers through the real estate catalogue. In LOCUSD CRM software, you have the ability to create a detailed overview of your products and pricing, but also to customize it. Price changes, either by percentage or absolute value, is a simple task.

You can add new categories, as well as new products (garage spaces, storage rooms, etc.), but also filter all entered items according to various parameters – type, tags, and more.

Visual representation of sales process

With LOCUSD CRM, a sales funnel and a sales pipeline that provides a visual representation of the sales process, your offer can be tailored to the needs of each specific customer, because you get an overview of the sales flow by the stages you expect the customer to go through until you make the sale – from qualification to negotiation to closing the sale.

Through LOCUSD CRM, you have a summary view of the number of business opportunities at a certain stage, with the possibility of adjusting the view  according to your needs (list view or kanban view for better visibility). Along with the display of the number of business opportunities, you also get the potential revenue for each of those opportunities, which will make coordinating the activities of the sales teams significantly easier.

Templates for real estate documents

Standard documents that need customization according to the client and the offer can be quickly created through LOCUSD CRM through predefined templates. In this way, the sales team shortens the time needed to prepare contracts, invoices, invoices and offers. LOCUSD CRM automatically converts Latin to Cyrillic for sales contracts that are notarized.

Depending on the package, LOCUSD CRM offers options of predefined templates for documents with minor adjustments (memorandum, etc.), but also the possibility of creating unique documents according to all the specifics of your business.

Campaign management

LOCUSD CRM will help you target each campaign to the right audience. In the software itself, you can categorize all clients into different target groups based on common criteria in order to prepare a personalized offer for them.

Within the LOCUSD CRM software, you can store, organize and deliver relevant information about real estate products or other matters related to your customers via email or Viber messaging. This digital library is an indispensable source of information for your customer service team.


Omnichannel marketing in the LOCUSD CRM system helps provide customers with a consistent consumer experience. Consolidate contacts with customers from all communication channels into one and you have met their expectations to be connected with brands at any time and through any device.

The coordinated operation of all customer contact channels means that in each channel interactions through other channels are visible, which creates a personalized shopping experience and allows customers to communicate with you quickly and efficiently whenever they need it.

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